Contracting for Retail Business

November 8, 2020by compasscontracting0

Retail experience is bonded closely to emotions. An attractive, welcoming retail space can improve visibility within your target market. As general contractors we understand the needs of retail business owners. You have a solid business plan that has already taken off and it is the time to move into your retail space, then it’s now the time to hand the job for us and monitor how your dream projects is getting real.

We have wide experience delivering retail spaces that represent our clients vision. Compass can provide interior services such as space planning and improvements with custom furnishings to complete the interior experience. Exterior design is also an important part of retail success, so our team will provide all needed architectural consultation and design.

Whether you have a new construction or existing, the work begins long before the first nail is knocked. Compass has many years of experience with the processes involved when developing a retail space. Every permit, zoning request or document must be handled with the utmost care. Even if you don’t have a specific site in mind, we can locate one for you!

Be sure and call Compass Contracting for your retail construction and planning needs.

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